Jun 22, 2006

Excitement Abounds!

So I wrote a letter to the band Yellowcard-- my favorite band ever-- and I got this response:

(Note, names omitted for faux-literary purposes.)

Dear Jeff:

Thanks for the letters. Tour went well-- we opened for some great guys and W-- got trashed on jail wine and slept through two sessions in the recording studio during our break.

Speaking of which, we appreciate the continuing reminders of your fandom and ownership of a bass, but we're sticking with W--. He may be a little off sometimes, but what he lacks in humanity, he makes up for in actual ability to play bass. You'll catch on somewhere I'm sure.

Wow, do you really think Lights and Sounds is rock and roll's The Chronic? That's interesting, man. I'm a bit confused, however, about the origin of said thought-- the overall meaning of it all. Maybe you've misplaced your analogy here? Ah well, in any event, it's nice to know we matter.

Hope your mom is doing well-- I'm sure she'll bounce back.

Quick note, I can't help but nitpick a bit with you about our videos. Sure, we are pretty original, but comparing our last video (you know, the one where we're in a pastel room for some unknown reason, and we have to "rock our way out,") to "Another Brick in the Wall" seems a bit misguided. I mean, the two don't really have any commonalities to speak of, though I can see where you can mistake me for David Gilmour (though in the present day?).

Well, I've probably taken up too much of the band's time. W-- is throwing a sweet party over in the OC, and I just bought a bottle or five of Cristal. I think Ludacris might show up.

Take Care,

P.S. Take it easy on S--, it's hard being a super gay violinist in a modern rock band. The vicious and cutthroat world surrounding pop-punk is a coarse and bitter one, and YC needs understanding and charismatic fans like you at the forefront on this issue. Oh, to be young and impudent! Right?

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