Jun 23, 2006

Surmising the End of the World:

It's the two day anniversary since anyone visited the site that wasn't me! Since no one is reading this, the following people are gay:

Hidenky Johnsui
Melanie Griffith
Stuart Little
Frank Bascombe
Johnny John John Johnathan Johnboy Johnny Jon Joan Shabadoo
Van Hagar (c'mon, have you heard the song Panama? Utter poppycock.)
Arousal von Pooperlick
Ben McFall
That on character in M*A*S*H who wore all those dresses-- Klinger.
Chris "Burnsides" Burney
Married People
Everyone named Sunny, Heath or Schuyler
Rosie O'Donnell

So, there you have it: a compendium of homos. I will now begin destroying these queers with malice from the bottom of the list up to the top. This is gonna take a while, but it'll hurt me alot more than it'll hurt me.

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