Jun 16, 2006

That Biblicality.

Moses, if y're listening, I think you were my favorite white dude in the Good Book. No, seriously. You are everything I want to be-- bearded, grizzled, pissed at yr boss.

Remember that part in Genesis wehen you were begatting? You begatted the shit out of people, and didn't you "lay" with your daughter? Nice. Hers were the tits of champions. Who the hell is Isaac anyway? Who the fuck did he begat that was worth a damn? He was some sorta hammerhead shark bucking for a promotion the way I see it. The way he'd have it, you'd be the footnote in biblical history; I heard he blew King James. No shit.

Moses, I want you to call Willie Faulkner and tell him that south's nay gonna rise again. We just don't have time. Who has time to rise up in this fast paced business atmosphere?

Moses, tell Argentina that I want them to be easy on Serbia-Montenegro after this World Cup. Even Maradona, the Moses of soccer, was starting to feel bad.

Moses, tell the Pharaoh to let a motherfucker live, man.

Moses, tell them to stop frontin' on smokers. Cancer's gonna get'cha one way or another. AIDS is scared of cancer. AIDS would cower in a corner like a callow coward if cancer came a'calling. No shit, Moses. That's how I feel.

Moses, I got another call, man. Hold up.

Hello? Yeah, I'll go to the Lower East Side tonight. Sounds good. Aight, holla at me when you leave.

Moses? You still there? Moses, this shit hits. They didn't know? Axe about me. I'll be that.

Can we stop the Red Hot Chili Peppers already? It's just insane. I can't take it anymore.

Moses-- would you really have thrown yr boy on the fire like that? Damn. That's that old timey realism. Not like Ray Ray Carver and them. They weren't old school. Can't nobody fuck with the G-O-D like you Moses.

Hit me up if you're trying to chill, Mo. Text me or something.


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