Jul 27, 2006

Checks in th'mail.

Young Dro, why are so many people leaning their shoulders?

Dro, Am I becoming volatile at work because of the rampant unhappiness that flows through my veins-- my DNA being of Laughlinesque thickness?

Dro, do you know Dre? Tell him to call me back. I need him to confirm that he got that essay I sent him.

Dro, what do you think of mojitos? Can you make one? Who do you think would win in a fight: Li'l Romeo or a spilled mojito in the shape of Tony Mullane? Namean, Dro?

What can't I find a downloadable version of Rae's Blue Eagles, Dro? I need that shit in my life. I do.

I'm serious about safety Dro. YOUR safety.

Dro, I want ice cream, but I don't have any. Why do I want, Dro?

Dro, I ain't ne'er scared. I told them motherfuckizz this many times. Dro, why don't they damn listen, Dro? I'm trying to understand. Just tell me how to do this.

That copy of Flannery O'Connor's Complete Short Stories is going to be $$5.95, Dro. For you, though? I'll make it 3.95. I can do that. I got knowledge. I'll even throw in a $$1.00 copy of Eldridge Cleaver's Soul On Ice. Cool?

You crazy, Dro. I didn't even know that girl. She was baller shit.

What's goin on, man? Why they gotta throw a bullet in my man Beanie? Don't say you a gansta, Dro. I just won't know how to take it. You gotta show the seeds how it is-- gotta know how the streets swallow up a man's heart and continually produce watered-down personalities that emulate the likes of Television personalities thus completely destroying the image of youth and community.

Where you at, Dro? If I find you, I might score a 2 wants to know exclusive. Hot.

Dro, I hope you know satellites are watching us at all times. Seriously. It's getting real in the streets, heard?

Young Dro, will we know who you are in five weeks? A year? Ten years? What is your staying power?

Why can't I establish a normal sleeping pattern? Everything is shit, Dro-- das whassup.

Yeah, Dro. Yeah.


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