Aug 28, 2006



THE WORLD IS NOT SHIT. Stop acting important and accept your place in society amongst the rich and jobless. I'm sorry your dad didn't play catch with you, and that someone once made fun of you in the Middle School parking lot before homeroom.

You fucking suck.

(These are your friends. This is why we can't have nice things.)


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Anonymous said...

one time i was walking from the library to the gym in middle school and these two dudes ran by and pulled my shorts down. but i had boxers on so i really didn't care that much. flash forward to august 2006 and i'm lying in bed screaming RICK ROSS NO NO NO NO STOP NO MEANS NO and then i realize it's just a dream. it's the weird part of the night where it's just about to turn morning and combined with the grey sky everything is this ghostly darkened gloom. jeff i am dying. i will wear rick ross' flesh and travel to wonderful bright universes of color and light where we will jet ski together on a neon green sea.