Aug 7, 2006

Rum, Sodomy, and mothafuckin CASH.

Conversation between me and VA:

Me: I used to be inside you, VA.
VA: Fuck you, faggot.
Me: Whoa! Easy big fella. Nice and easy. You hear that new Long Winters album?
VA: Yeah, it's pretty good.
Me: Yeah. You know I used masturbate onto you.
VA: YOYOYO-- quit with that gay shit, man. I'll stomp you the fuck out, son.
Me: Noone's being gay here. Them's jokes, friend.
VA: Naw man, fuck that.
Me: I gotchoo, man. E'rything is e'rything, mate. It's all good.
VA: Aight, man. My bad. Ease up on them gay jokes though, man.
Me: My bad. You tryin' t'get a damn beer or something?
VA: Yeah, that's word, man.
Me: I'm gonna nail yr tender bleeding asshole for hours, dawgg.

VA beats the living shit out of me and SCENE.


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TID Staff said...

i just had a whim
to go take a swim
out on a limb
just haul off and jump right in
but that's not so smart and so
i'll hold on to the rim
then i will live to swim again
looks really neat
to go cross the street
don't skip a beat
just fly on my swifty feet
but i'll stop before i go
the light will tell me when
then i will live to cross again
slow down, buckle up
take the time, rehearse
always safety first

yeah that's right, i am listening to children's music and staring at the wall at work. VA ain't got shit on me, nucca (sorry ted)