Aug 28, 2006

War is hell has informed me that a recent pair of visitors from Vietnam have dropped by the site. They stayed on the site for an average of 7 minutes. May I be the first to say, "Welcome to" You are một người khách được tiếp đãi ân cần (a welcome guest).

For those of you unfamiliar to the Vietnamese ideal, here is a fantastic introduction.

If that isn't enough (cultureless bastards), I have some translations for you:
từ- word
nóng rực- blazin
người chơi một trò chơi nào đó- player; đội không chuyên đấu với đội nhà nghề- haters v. players (or perfect translation is gentlemen vs. players)
(thuộc) thanh thiếu niên- Juvenile
người da đen- nucca
Li'l Wayne- not found

So, there's some culture for everyone. Thank you for visiting, vietfriends!


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