Aug 15, 2006


Managment* position opening immediately in 2350 31st Avenue. Job duties include:
--Cracking the spines of the fake gangstas and/or studio prankstas.
--Making me go to bed on time.
--Assuring me that unpaid internships lead to better opportunities.
--Telling yr boy to keep dem damn hands d'fuck UP.
--Continual reminders that I DO NOT like the new Rick Ross, which I just got a promo of, by the by. It's awesome.
--Money management skills.
--Killing Akon.
--Reppin' my new new shit. It's real, son.
--Touching me romantically. Small of back preferred.
--Looking out. Good looking out if needed.
--Real Keeping/Shoulder Leaning skills ABSOLUTELY accepted. In fact, required. In addition, applicant should be steady clockin' on the corner at anytime up to and including 5 A.M.
--Must like wussy indie rock, but still like to floss whips.
--Must absolutely pledge allegiance to me and only me-- not to speak to Tedd Wood, Paul Ravi Nair, Katie Linn, or Miles Young.
--Mash up of Fugazi and Li'l Jon required.

So, if you are a mega cool/beautiful woman with these qualifications and more, please contact me via this blog. I look forward to hearing from you!

*Position is unpaid and not an internship. No class credit. 2350 is not a business, though we handlin' ours, nucca. That's whassup.

Rick Ross quote for the day: "They be calling me boss/I be calling the shots/Ricky Ross/ That's why we ballin' a lot."

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TID Staff said...

so i assume it's okay for me to bring my life-sized rick ross "only YOU can prevent anaphylactic shock" shellfish allergen awareness cut-out poster when i move in?

if not i still have my 3x life size young dro "i fuck bitches like yinz for breakfast" unexplainable pittsburgh pirates promotional poster