Sep 3, 2006

Dave Henderson: Fuckbucket

Exciting news! I've been picked to run the new ad campaign for RACIST RIGHTS!, a new up and coming activism group. Here are my preliminary ideas for tag lines:

Racism: it's worked so far, right?
Who's afraid of the Big Black Wolf?
Racism are people two.
Racism: it's like a schism, only denied by the church.
I like Racism. (wrapped around a picture of Ike Eisenhower)
A little Racism goes a long way.
Put a little racism in yr heart.
Hug a fucking racist.
I like that you came out last night do you wanna do this again nice shirt you intimidate the hell out of me goodnight and goodbye.

I think the frontrunners may be, "Racism: funny 'cause it's true," and "Racism: the best thing to happen since negroes were invented."

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TID Staff said...

a faint golden light pierces the rainy night i am floating on rick ross' corpse in the hudson river. i can see the lights of the world trade center bobbing slightly left to right in the gloomy distance, they are a luminescent green grid, scattered, broken, very far away. there is a constant murmur of the traffic above on the george washington bridge. i have done it. i am back in 1982. eating ludacris' pelvic bone was the ticket and now i have complete and utter control over time and space. somewhere 40,000 feet above my parents fly in a 747 to schiphol with me swaddled in a blanket. little do they know i have mastered multiple dimensions. i appear before carrie on videophone simultaneously 2 and 25. i float in the murky darkness taking a sip of steel reserve. a cop nearby gives me the finger. he is holding a very large flashlight, shining it on me from the banks of riverside park. i shield my face with a soaked sleeve and hiss the noise of possums gone and dearly departed. dammit jeff work is fucking killing me i think i am really losing it buddy wanna make tacos 2night? lawlz roffelcopter