Sep 23, 2006

Dear God, no.

That's it, I'm getting Free the Diamond t-shirts pressed:

My favorite part of the article? The ridiculous lack of movies after 2000 mentioned. What about all those wierd early 90's skin flicks? Skinemax never looked so Indian as it did when i was waiting for him to stop "solving the case" and get it on with some busty chickadee. My thirteen year old imagination depended on it.

I used to have a "create a character" on Wrestlemania 2000 named Lou "The Diamond" Phillips. He was a beast. I hardly envision Mr. Phillips preforming the "Diamond Cutter" on his girlfriend, but is it wrong of me to hope for at least that much?

Did he look this woman in the eye and say, "When the spirit horse comes, you'll know?"
Besides, there is no way to say His name without thinking of the scene where he tries to look tough in front of Donna's dad in La Bamba. Oscar-worthy stuff.

Tragic, man. What a horrible way to start out my day.

You hear that new Yung Leek mixtape? I'm not a fan, but I got one of the freestyles this morning. Topical:

Yung Leek Quote of the day: Diamond Lou ain't no Jew/ scrape up them knees and be out like SVU/ what it is, dude?/ Jive is the label that PAYEEEES MUH.


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The Humanity Critic said...

Yeah man, what's up with LDP roughing his girl up? He's probably still pissed that his ex wife left him for Melissa Etheridge.