Sep 6, 2006

Marionettes... machine guns.

I've been thinking about Operation: WOLF for three days running.

I flow through Cambodian jungles like night over the plains of my American home. I mercilessly slaughter my enemies with manical yet majestic glee. My knife's dullened blade still sinks into skin-- displacing the skin with the gnashing of its teeth. God, how a rush of adrenalin coarses through me hardening my muscles as I smear mud thick blood over my fatigues.

I've tasted it. I have, and I will again. Wrath, thy name is WOLF.

Anyone want to help me buy the game? I need the arcade version-- the machine guns have simulated recoil. I want nothing more than to save those poor hostages; trapped since 1989 and ready for their saviour. I could be a godsend with your help.

For only a dollar a day (200 days paid up front) you can help me help them.

Send all inquiries and donations to:
Operation: JERFF
2350 31st Avenue Apt. #3
Astoria NY 11106

Yes. This guy gets it.

Rick Ross Quote of the Day:
"Operation Wolf, man/Baller shit/tryin' to play me/ I'll still fuck you bitch."


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TID Staff said...

I don't think the arcade version of Operation Wolf actually used a lightgun (as indicated in the box). I believe is was a Positional Gun. See the bottom of the light gun article for more information. Can anyone confirm this? --Jamesedmo 11:17, 26 August 2005 (UTC)

"Gun: Positional with trigger" -

I agree! But that is not a light gun! --Jamesedmo 23:16, 30 August 2005 (UTC)

I'm pretty sure the Light Gun article has it wrong; I think Operation Wolf used a light gun in the Method 2 sense decribed; particular when you consider the Operation Wolf bootleg, Operation Bear, which had a gun that could be detached from the cabinet. Kinitawowi 20:36, 21 March 2006 (UTC)

We've just been discussing this on the de:Wikipedia. The funny thing is that while KLOV talks of a positional gun, it also talks of a photo-light sensor which supposedly malfunctioned frequently. Now if it was not a light gun, I don't quite see where you'd need a photosensor. On the other hand, it might be that some console versions used a light gun and this got mixed up? --OliverH 08:37, 13 July 2006 (UTC)

SHUT UP FAGXXORS AND GIMVE ME DA OPERAITN WOLF --RickRoss 11:51, 07 September 2006 (UTC)