Sep 15, 2006

"Nuggaz is feelin me right now."

Y're the Kofi Annan of Raggaeton.
Y're the G. Gordon Liddy of Twee Pop.
Y're the Milton Berle of Chopped and Screwed.
Y're the Warren G. Harding of G-Funk.
Y're the Ronald Reagan of Riot Grrrrl.
Y're the Madeline Albright of Crust Punk.
Y're the Vasco De Gama of Alt-Country.
Y're the Sacajawea of Christian Contemporary.
Y're the James K. Polk of overrarted Stoner Metal.
Y're the Jim Everett of Grimestep.
Y're the Chris Everett of Ambient Dub.
Y're the Isadora Duncan of Electroclash.
Y're the Hans Gruber of Deep House.
Y're the Albert Ganz of Indie-pop.
Y're the Shitbird Von Lichtenstein of Prog.
Y're the Reggie fucking Hammond of Post-Bop.
Y're the Booker T. Washington of New Wave.
Y're the George Washington Carver of... um, I... something musical.
Y're the Sendy Rleal of TechMetal.
Y're the Adena Howard of Meth-Rock.
Y're the Barry Larkin Cosmonaut Jazz.
Y're the Patricia M. Sullivan of Kraut-Soul.
Y're the Kelly Kapowski of Screamo.
Y're the Jenna Von Oy of Kindercore.
Y're the Oscar Wilde of Hyphy.
Y're the Lou Diamond Phillips of Snap.
Yre the Glenn Close of Honky Tonk.
You should not have a ten year plan to sleep with a woman.
Y're the Empire State Building of impolite Smiths-Ska.
Y're the Edward James Almos of Industrial.
Y're the Ann Coulter of blazin' Hip-Hop and RnB.
Y're the Hans Blix of Shoegazer.
Y're the Boutros-Boutros Ghali of derivative Bebop.
Y're the Kosovo Conflict of Trip-Hop.
Y're the Mark Ryebintonsville of Cocaine Mish Mash, uh, what? Mash-ups.
Y're the

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