Oct 24, 2006

News and Notes:

Why are you so the red brick lane
built by injustice is the
married; buried. Ice Cream.

_______________ are all dead. Yes.

Impatience, thy name is Robin Wyllyams.

What does it all mean? It means nothing. I' had it up to hear/here with the facelifts and facetiousness. I'ma tuck you away like last year's fashion. I'ma get lifted like Sam Kinison in a Vegas cotillion. I'ma get at'choo, man. Me and Dazz are about to ride through it all; transcending mind and body and becoming freed like the ninties mind.

Oh, paragraph, where is thy stain?!

Cartoonish violence aside... it's martyrdom or bust. I'm we're all me so alone and myserble. Istanbul > Constantinople. Saul Williams never knew what they were in for; he was in the society page for a random assualt with my icepick's cousin Freedomhorse.

It's all homesliced and manic. Why hast thou forsaken we I know Ozzie he was my next door drugs. Manic! At the Techonological Advantage.

Except Accept Accent Applicable. We are not going to live through this. Him? Really? It's so real, kid. So real.

Forsaken. Iceberg > Drowning Pool's next victimhood. I'm never going back to Road Iceland.

____________ are all dead. We thank you from the bottom of our their your hearts. You were the we

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