Oct 26, 2006

Sometimes You Gotta MAKE the Hype.

Lou Brock and I ridin dirty on nuccas making fish hum the tune to Mortal Combat... baby I gots no time for your terrycloth terrorism-- your poor excuse for machismo cheese flavored sentimentality.

Me and Lou got babies to feed and bitches to crank up like broken engines whining and wanting their power to collect like pools of oil sliding along sidewalk cracks.

Yeah, Lou. I gotchoo, son. It's all good. We blastin SWV all the way to the fucking to the goddamn to the dangole West Bank-- yeah bitches-- we got that Gaza Stip locked down like a prison with reinforced locks.

Lou slides the car onto the highway and

we gone

gone daddy

out'cha dome; done like NYC's chrome fixtures.

Lou's powerful jowls hum and I can see the rape mongering mind of his slammin back Mountain Dew cocktails; he's so cocksure this one.

Yeah, Lou. It's a mangy pigdog of a fucking world behind us, so slip yr hand into her dress a little further and




1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What is the official IC stance on allegations that Weezy F. Baby and the No. 1 Stunner a.k.a. Birdman habitually kiss on the lips?

Maybe they're just playing gay chicken, right?

Please address this in a blog immediately.