Jan 27, 2007

In the BAG

Oh Lately, I've Been Thinking, The Fish. You seem happier; a brightness has enveloped you, has it not? It has. Oh how it has.

In effect, you tail has lashed along the same inches of bowl for over a year now. Do you get bored? What do you think of while I am working? What did you think when I quit my job?

I think of you thinking, I do. I think and I say, here is what you're thinking:
"Ow, wall."
"Ow, rock."
"Ow, wall."
"The tall food guy is unhappy. Feed me."
"Ow, surface."
"New water."
"It's cold in here. Turn on the heater."
"Why do you like these guys? I guess I hate them. Coffee Beagle my ass."
"Who are the ad wi"

Then I think.
"I should yell more."
"Where is were the tacos?"
"I need to exercise."
"Why can't I spell exercise without spell-check?"
"I wonder if Lately thinks I'm unhappy?"
"Yep, I'm the drunk."

Then Paul says: "MEAT CLAW CHARLOTTE."

Everybody dies, everyone wins.

Dull days, kiddos.

Jim Jones Quote of the Day: "Boredom sets in./ BOOOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNN."


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