Jan 4, 2007

it's gotta be the chutes

I'm-uh get at'cha widda muhfucken dime heard oh shit nucc.

In Gambian, that means Happy New Year, man.

So, here's the resolutions for IC Ward:
--Holler at bitches with intent to use them for sex.
--Find my spirit animal, and use that animal to obtain delicious vaginal coitus and shit.
--Use aformentioned coitus for additional chances at coital orgasms.
--Continually smash. Pepsi smash.
--Fuck women whom I have denegrated.
--Increase the number of human women I made the sex act with.
--Trick females into making love with me.
--Um, do chicks.
--Be a better person.

In the name of Jamaal Magloire we pray, A'men.

Feel free to use the comments section to post YOUR resolutions, or plans to hang at my crib with the intent to find orgasms laying around like old rice.

Hap-Hap-Hap-Happy New Year, sons and daughters.

IC Ward.

Jim Jones Quote of the Day: Don't read anything into this./ I'm not a bad person./ I just thought this would be funny./ Sex jokes are funny./ Oh, shit./ I have no female friends now.

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