Apr 29, 2007

Ball Bearings pt. 1

We were crackin' petrified tacos, pullin' out the meat. My father ran his finger over the weaker parts of the cracks until he found a weak spot and slid his thumb through. I kept endin' up with strong ones; had to smash 'em on the railing and finger out what was left. I didn't have enough experience-- enough strength-to do it his way.

"Make sure you ain't puttin' any of that lettuce in the bowl, boy. That stuff is poison."
"I ain't."
"All them red chunks is the lungs of the beast, you see. The green stuff's just waste them lungs ain't want."

The crackin' sound bounced around the trailer, off the walls, into the kitchen. I was scrapin' the inside of one taco and I tasted some of the brown meat inside.

"Don't go eatin' the meat you ain't bought, son. That'll getcha in the end."
"Sorry, Pop. I just wanted to taste it a little."
" I understand. Ain't nothin' be ashamed of, anyway. Keep crackin' we'll eat us some tonight."

The tacos were abnormally big for that time of the year. I was watching my dad's hands shaking as he felt the cracks of the tacos. He always had that shake, and I never thought much about it. I attributed it to always workin' with his hands. He fixed our helicopter on occasion, mined for tacos, built new plasticine walls when ours failed. He was in constant use of his hands and it showed. There were cracks in their armor-- long cuts and scrapes-- constantly bleeding abrasions. I was sure that those were his lungs. The red falling out him was the waste those lungs-- the byproduct of fixing things for a family fingering the free meat he provided.

When we were done, we went inside. Mother mixed the meat into a bowl with ash powder and calcified milk tabs. We ate corn that night too. My father smiled when he ate. The meals were the best times-- my father's hands too big for our small plasticine forks and shaking so that he had to lean way over his food to get it to his mouth. Sometimes, I felt bad eating with him; eating what I ain't bought.

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TID Staff said...

you are completely insane

stay away from my tacos