Apr 9, 2007


Pete and Jay were in the back smoking. IU stared at the table for awhile during a commercial and noted the three day old taco stains.

Johnathan asked me for a coupla bucks, but I refused. Later, I bought him a beer and all was forgiven.

It was a musty clap-trap the seemed to provoke my happenstance. I never went back, but I think about it all the time.

The sauce dribbled down my palm like uncoagulated blood-- thin from hot weather. I caught it with my tounge before tearing into the tender chicken morsels.

Meg found my keys and twenty-eight cents under the couch cushions. I loved her.

She had breasts the size of buicks. She knew about the delivery of one of my favorite old time pitchers.

Married and Loving It was our cat-call to disaster. The album would blast at full volume inciting landlord calls and neighborly unrest.

"Gimme them carrots," I said. I longed to eat them.

A dusty marionette sat forzen and unfinished in the basment alongside rusted tools, beer cans, and old food wrappers from restaurants long-closed down. Earl sat in a similar position to the puppet one floor up beginning to decompose.

I have nothing to do at work tonight. I never do it seems.

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