Jun 12, 2007

Cat Farm

Here's the deal. Nair and I are starting a cat farm. U-Mad?

Here's the rundown:

CEO: Paul Nair
President/Executive Chairman of Fundraising: Jeff Laughlin
Vice President/ "Togetherness" Coordinator: MAYES
Finance Coordinator: John Tarleton
Janitorial Technician: AVAILABLE

Think about it: 180,000 cats in hundreds of acres in upstate New York. Rump-waggling tabbies as far as the eye can see. Free-range cats preening and scratching. The lot of us, living on the fat of the land. This, freinds, will revolutionize the industry.

I wonder, as I await the day of our opening cat purchases and births, what my life will be like in upstate New York amongst acres of clawing, preening felines, staring at me as though they can see directly into my soul. The future is bright, friends, with rump waggles and rubbed legs; clumped litter and wanderlust in a future filled with insouciant animalia.

The only thing stopping us is a name. I say Cat Farm. Any other suggestions?

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