Aug 3, 2007

A Conversation, part 2.

idonthaveoneofth (3:09:34 PM): you yell at me
paul at sonic (3:09:36 PM): nay
idonthaveoneofth (3:09:43 PM): say I'm like a sickly ibex
paul at sonic (3:09:46 PM): well i never
idonthaveoneofth (3:09:56 PM): or like a mountain lion in a horses mouth
paul at sonic (3:10:09 PM): tiny mountain lions have no place in our rapport
idonthaveoneofth (3:10:27 PM): beautiful
paul at sonic (3:10:48 PM): haha
paul at sonic (3:10:51 PM): that can't be real
idonthaveoneofth (3:11:05 PM): I want to believe
paul at sonic (3:11:07 PM): i want to eat both of them
idonthaveoneofth (3:11:20 PM): without malice, though
idonthaveoneofth (3:11:34 PM): like a survival instinct, you know?
paul at sonic (3:11:50 PM): yes i understand
idonthaveoneofth (3:12:24 PM): LIke using every part of both animals instinctually
idonthaveoneofth (3:12:42 PM): Using the mountain goat's jaw as a taco shell
paul at sonic (3:12:44 PM): its a bit crunchy
idonthaveoneofth (3:13:00 PM): and the horses skin lite brittle snaps of lettuce
idonthaveoneofth (3:13:07 PM): *like
paul at sonic (3:13:06 PM): horse braille
paul at sonic (3:13:09 PM): is it hot outside
idonthaveoneofth (3:13:39 PM): The horse's tale like a garnish untainted by the citified preservatives
idonthaveoneofth (3:13:54 PM): just you and me living off of horse lion tacos
idonthaveoneofth (3:14:01 PM): the fatta th'land
paul at sonic (3:13:59 PM): i'll take that as "seasonably warm"
idonthaveoneofth (3:14:18 PM): moving about from a superfluity of wanderlust
paul at sonic (3:14:29 PM): sometimes i think about screaming at snat
paul at sonic (3:14:34 PM): even when he's done nothing wrong
idonthaveoneofth (3:14:40 PM): blood stained chaps dusty yet supportive
paul at sonic (3:14:43 PM): seems like i'm so angry these days
idonthaveoneofth (3:14:59 PM): boots with spurs clanging and digging into a mules back
idonthaveoneofth (3:15:07 PM): YAh MULE YAH
paul at sonic (3:15:03 PM): i took a swing at snat
paul at sonic (3:15:08 PM): in my dream
idonthaveoneofth (3:15:26 PM): The both of us sweaty most of the day, but happy Paul.
idonthaveoneofth (3:15:28 PM): HAPPY.
paul at sonic (3:15:36 PM): had a dream i got hit by a subway last night
idonthaveoneofth (3:15:59 PM): Free of societal constraints. Free to sink our teeth into jawline tacos like they were the Earth itself.
paul at sonic (3:15:55 PM): kind of liked it
idonthaveoneofth (3:16:23 PM): Free to explore hat makes humanity so eager to explore.
paul at sonic (3:16:32 PM): tonight i set my hands on fire
idonthaveoneofth (3:17:15 PM): Ranging about like a meandering sidewinder, just we and our own cantakerous natures and wits about us.
paul at sonic (3:17:15 PM): to feel my limits, to show you all
idonthaveoneofth (3:17:40 PM): "Which way's East, there, Jarf," you might say.
paul at sonic (3:17:46 PM): "Which way's East, there, Jarf," I might say.
paul at sonic (3:17:48 PM): JINX
paul at sonic (3:17:50 PM): buy me a taco
idonthaveoneofth (3:18:09 PM): I might retort, "whichever way you want it to be, Paul."
idonthaveoneofth (3:18:47 PM): Then we would ride, our gullets filled with warm, dry horse lion tacos, half in love with death.
paul at sonic (3:18:54 PM): can a nigga get some sauce on them tacos
idonthaveoneofth (3:19:16 PM): Ride ride ride, clenching our fists like newborn babies
idonthaveoneofth (3:19:22 PM): ...not long for this world.
idonthaveoneofth (3:19:33 PM): You know?
paul at sonic (3:19:44 PM): this is all well and good but do i have to take a vacation day for it?


dmbmeg said...

i kinda think i love you

(but...I am kinda drunk)

Business or Leisure? said...

You must, since you are the only person that comments on this damn thing. Seems like all I got is lurkers forever.

I wish I was drunk. Stupid night job.

dmbmeg said...

So how is that whole selling your body for sex thing?

(I'm not drunk tonight)

Business or Leisure? said...

Eh, it's a grind.

More importantly, i have a phone again. It's been over a month. Oh, sweet redemption, thy name is SPRINT-NEXTEL.

dmbmeg said...

how the hell were you communicating with people? Morse code? (PS, Spring sucks my right teet)

Two words: Dinosaur. Barbeque.

Business or Leisure? said...

How dare you curse spring?!


dmbmeg said...

i just prefer fall.

alas, pc keyboards are not my friends. i'm back with my mac now and happy.