Aug 18, 2007

The Very Best of Insignaitic Cancer (post 100): A Post-a-Bration.

So, this is my 100th time posting on this little gem-- this rough-sewn marathon of chicanery an incensing non sequiturs. Time to celebrate. No, not in my normal way of drinking until I black out. I decided to rehash some of my fan-favorites over this virtual thrillride. Some of my most loyal (and non-commenting) fans have spoken, and here are the results:

P-Nast: I loved this post with the recipe for taco roll ups. YUMMERS! Best writing I've ever read, and I'm a big reader! I like mysteries the most!

Thanks, P-Nast. I really enjoyed the idea that food could be a shared experience. I know it's not popular or widespread idea, but food is still one of my favorite things.

Paul Nair: "I'm enjoyed the one about the techknowledgees. Is go."

Thank you, Paul Nair. I like to educate as well as ramble. That one is especially poignant because my father had just announced he was getting a second divorce. I think that really comes out here:

"Providing a set of specifications that deliver architectural semantics, industry standard protocols and profiles to unify the management of the data center, SMASH 1.0 facilitates local and remote management of server hardware in both Out-of-Service and Out-of-Band management environments."

GOD, could I have been any more transparent about where my mind was that day? Surprising pick.

MAYES muses: fuck you jarf you broke my b

Yeah, the G.I. Joe Convention was my best idea ever. Man, what a day! It's the only time I ever dressed like a woman and got paid for it.

Tedd: What? You want me to what? Your blog sucks.

Thanks, friend. You're the best. I think that one is the best poem I've ever written. I really did jump into a lake with my family! Write waht you knw, right? HAHA!

Random Girl Wrote in: I love the one where you lived in a Hong Kong prison for five years. Those regulation reforms let me know that, well, I was really alive. I mean, y'know? I felt free and open. Beautiful , yet chilling. Thank you.

No, Thank YOU. Always good to know that a woman I haven't slept with is paying attention to me.

The dude that pumps in loud, terrible foreign techno from below my apartment that makes me hate the entire world's population: This one rocks, I'm making a ball with my hands! Woah!

DMBMEG rambles drunkenly (edited for time constraints and vicious language that cuts like wolves' teeth in soft flesh): ...this one time when you...

And so, it is from the bottom of my heart that I thank you all for calling to attention some great posts. From the first one ever to the best one ever (in my opinion, the 12 of you that stop by are th


dmbmeg said...

oh toughin' up, you pussy.

Is that succinct enough for you?

Business or Leisure? said...

Um, no?

danielle said...

i read this... decided not to be a lurker any longer with it being your 100th post and all. i like it except sometimes when you write about tacos i get a really bad/creepy feeling. oh this is danielle from nc by the way.

Business or Leisure? said...

Who do tacos have to be creepy? I'm trying to shatter that misconception. Embrace the tacos, Danielle. Embrace them.