Sep 3, 2007

Another Night in Paradise

I woke up and cop was motioning for me to come out of the train. I knew I was on a train and I knew I was going home. I had been on a roof in Brooklyn eating and drinking. Someone handed me a shot, equal parts rum, tequila and vodka. I had no idea what happened after that.

I was standing off to the side with some girl who had strange makeup in crooked, ovular patterns around her eyes. This guy in a white hat was flashing his penis to people.

"I work in health care, so this is nothing new to me."
"Oh, you're not one of those people that has a job and bases everything on that, are you? That would be terrible."
"No. I'm just saying I see penises all the time. It's not a shock."
"You are one of those. I need a fresh beer."

I didn't know the shot was three parts and that it would taste like a rotting raccoon. I didn't.

But, yeah, the cop. He made me leave the train at 3:30 AM.
"Why are you laying down?"
"I'm tired."
"I need to see ID."
"You're from North Carolina?"
"Yeah. Originally."
"OK. Don't lay down."
"Not on the train, no."
"Can I go home now?"
"Yeah, go. No laying down though."

When I got home I layed down. I sure settled his hash. Then I woke up a few times and remembered things-- fuzzy lines and faces from the bar after I left the roof. There were new people. Attractive women I had no intention of talking to were surrouding our group hunting for seats. No time for smashbird, I was busy and I was drunk as a birdhouse. I proclaimed this to everyone.

I was there and I know that I tried to start a band named Thirsty Wolves. I know that. I am still down to do it, too. I'll sing my ache into microphones across this great land given half the chance. Real talk.

Then blackness, then the cop, then bed. It's so damned routine-- birds must know this feeling in the winter. Writers of grand novels must know this feeling at release parties. Celebrities must know this feeling at photo shoots. I know it now. And I am OK with it, I suppose. I just wanted to lie down is all. It's been a hell of a day, officer and I just want to break a rule; to know that I slept as well.

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G said...

South Cackalacky am I. GreenVegas, baby. From whence do you roam?