Sep 22, 2007

A Conversation, Part IV and Part V and Part VI

Me: *vomits onto street.
Bouncer: Hey, buddy, you alright?
Me: Yeah, I'm cool.
Bouncer: You sure?
Me: Yeah... It's good.
Bouncer: You need to go home?
Me: Nah, I just vomited is all. I got this.
Roommate: Wanna go to another bar?
Me: Yeah. Then pizza.

Then I do shots, get pizza, leave my bag in a cab and we'rrrrrrrrrrre CLEAR.

Earlier in the night:
Randy: So, what are we doing tomorrow?
Me: You wanna stomp this fucking dude out in the corner over there?
Randy: Yeah, but what about tomorrow?
Me: Let's listen to Wu-Tang ALL DAY.
Randy: Oh shit. *shows me a pre-made Wu mix on his ipod. I'm already prepared for this.
Me: YES (in terrible Marv Albert voice).
Randy: We should get some WINGS.
ME: YES (in terrible Marv Albert voice). This is gonna be awesome.

Happy Birthday to me.

Just Now:
Paul: You wanna join my really gay record label?
Me: So So Gay?

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