Sep 20, 2007

Should I Buy a Coat for Fall?: CHILLING EXPOSE

paul at sonic: nice out
idonthaveoneofth : Like rotting meat
paul at sonic: some famous guy pulled up outside
idonthaveoneofth: LIke a wounded cougar
paul at sonic: i shot him with my elephant gun
idonthaveoneofth: limping along despite knowing his life shan't last another moment once you spring tiger-like upon him.
idonthaveoneofth: Cycle of life
paul at sonic: spewing my sprite into the air like the fountains of rome
idonthaveoneofth: sugary fire-hot discharge

All around, the earth is smoldering white-hot. Birds are ravaged, cawing for a savior that will not come. Couples are embracing for their last kiss. Somewhere, sports stars are assessing the women they've wrested, regretting their fatal flaws.

The end is nigh, friends. Between Paul and this, we haven't much time. FREE YOURSELVES. I REGRET NOTHING.


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