Oct 2, 2007

No picture Necessary.

A veteran horse, he runs like a crazed ibex with the wildly visible limp of a wounded cougar-- or a mangled female lion laying crab-like awaiting her death-- and surveys the territory in front of him like a carrier pigeon with a bat's eyes; sees an owl-free zone over bear caves while home-free along lizard-filled snake trails and thirsty fucking wolves.

I promised this.

I did. Shirtbird drunk achieved.


dmbmeg said...

It's 1 am, and I nearly pissed myself on my bed from laughter. Well done.

Michael5000 said...

Does the shirtbird count as one of the animals?

Business or Leisure? said...

dmbmeg-- I keep promises sometimes.

Michael-- shirtbird was not in the original sentence, so no. However, it is one MEEEEEEAAAANNNNN animal.

G said...

My favorite part is the "thirsty fucking wolves."

Also, I've adopted the term trashbird drunk because it is just too accurate.