Oct 27, 2007

A Situation.

A vulture of a man, Soulja Boy arrives to his home to find his woman perched upon a man of lesser ilk and so he is assigned a myriad of choices-- he can arise within himself an anger unknowing; a murderous rage to eliminate the weak animal of his herd or he can stultify said rage and treat humanity as a blessing or a gift or he can strip off his jewels, chainz, heavy hoodies and stylized clothes and just runrunrun like a nimble ocelot threatened with he knowledge that life is fleeting or he can close his girl's eyes and tell her the story of the Bible and let God crush her guilty conscience or he can calll his family and say that he will be coming home alone for Thanksgiving-- Keisha can't come-- and reveal what happened in the company of loving family and neighbors near the hearts and minds that made him what he is or he can give up, lay down and cry in a little ball of pain like a man defeated or he can stand stoically like Robert E. Lee upon signing a declaration of defeat in 1865 or he can throw his possessions around the room in a fitful and terror-filled rant or he can scratch and claw the two illicit lovers and leave marks while his eyes smolder with the fire of past passion illuminating his blood-bespectacled face or he can calmly ask the two to leave and tell his former lover that she need not send for her things at any time or he can yell as and feel the white-hot blood creep quietly over his face as he makes declaration of change like our forefathers arguing the language of the Constitution for this fair land or, ibex-like, he can war with this lesser gentleman and butt his head against him until one of them is driven off or he can renounce his possessions, his God, his lifestyle and live out his remaining years in a solitude and bliss unknown to the common man or he can CRANK THAT SUPERMAN UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU WATCH ME UUUUUUUUUUUU CRANK THAT SOULJA NOW WATCH ME CRANK THAT ROBOCOP MAN WATCH ME CRANK THAT WATCH ME ROOOOOLLLLLL NOW WATCH ME UUUUUUUUUU CRANK THAT SOULJA BOY OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, (supersoak that hoooooooo).

(Note: please imagine this post with a sweet picture of Soulja Boy I stole form the internet.)

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