Nov 26, 2007

My Sister Joins the Blogosphere and I am on TV Friday

My sistor, Jennifer, postes her picshures on the innerwebs. Lookit.

Yes, that is me with her dog and her turkey.

Wanna see more of me? I am on TV-- TLC, 10:00 PM, Friday on "Fashionably Late w/ Stacy London". Thumbs.

Holler at'cher boy.

EDIT: Link to the sister blog included.


G said...

And I shall call it The Chevron.

What asshats on that show. Really.

Business or Leisure? said...

They cut all my lines, man. Fucking bastardholes.

Oberon said...

....i have to go really....i have to go fish some more.....the year's almost gone and i've gone fishing once!