Nov 16, 2007


video courtesy MAYES.

I should embrace you fully and sleep next to you-- sinking into your sheets like a whale after a meal of near-surface plankton.

I should sleep more, I should, I should, I should.

I should think less about the delicious tacos that reside around us like old Polish men in cafes-- watching our moves with disdain until they are eaten alive.

I should walk toward monuments only to stop near them without interest.

I should make an inbox and empty it daily to make sure I am not paying attention.

Lord God, the ocelots are running and Young Dro is stumbling beside them without grace or equanimity; looking back and knowing the end is nigh he bids farewell to his career with one clenched fist shaking harshly.

I shouldn't worry.

I needn't worry.

I should admit now that I know this much: I am not allowed to be happy, and that's that.

I should compress my voice in daily life to make it fit around the ideal sound levels surrounding me, I should.

I should, but I won't, I won't, I won't.

I should.

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