Dec 17, 2007

Delicious Eems

My roommate, Paul, and I started thinking up titles for old comic books tonight. He is doing Peanuts on his blog, and I'm doing Garfield. So, here goes.

Alternate Garfield Titles:

Garfield Grazes on Free-Range Land (His 100th book)
Garfield Writes His Memoir (His 87th book)
Garfield Runs for State Senate (His 134th Book)
Garfield Gives a Menacing Look (His 1st Full-Length Adult Novel)
Garfield Slaps His Friend While Drunk (His 453rd Book)
Garfield Beats the Living Fuckpiss Out of His Current Girlfriend (Such is Life)
Garfield Sleeps Through His Sociology Exam (His 3rd Textbook)
Garfield Extracts Fat From Human Skin (His 4th Textbook)
Garfield Lives Out His Final Days in Orlando (His Final Book)
Garfield On the Fatta the Land f/ Young Dro and T.I. (Dirty, Dirty)
Garfield Goes Vegan for Awhile, but Stops Later (His 4thCookbook)
Garfield Cancels His Credit Card After He Loses His Wallet in a Bar (His 1st Book)
Garfield Uses God's Name in Vane (His 2nd Bible)
Garfield Rambles About Naturalist Literature to a Girl in a Bar and Does Not Get Laid (Yeah)
Garfield Moves to Canada to Avoid the Draft (His 1st Dodging)
Garfield Duck Lifter Basket Smashbird Classical Muffler (Laughter 423rd Pigeon)

Feel Free to add.


Patrick said...

Garfield Relies on Unmanned Aerial Drones to Provide Real-Time Intel to Turkish Operations Against Kurdish Separatist Rebels

Garfield's Vulnerable Satellites Destroyed by China

Garfield's NATO Alliance Weakened

G said...

"Garfield Uses God's Name in Vane"--I would think this would be his 2nd lecture on evangelical meteorology.

Business or Leisure? said...

Pat-- I totally missed on the geopolitical themes. Good work.

G-- I knew there was a reason we became fast internet friends. Well spotted, miss.

Michael5000 said...

Garfield Wrestles With His Demons.

Garfield Turns to Drink.

Garfield Hits Bottom

Garfield Finds Jesus.

Garfield Stages a Short-Lived Comeback.

Garfield Is In Too Deep to Quit

Garfield Pisses Off the Wrong People

Garfield Shuffles Off This Mortal Coil.

Business or Leisure? said...

All good ones, 5000. Am I sensing a theme?


pawl said...

Garfield In You Deep (His 1st POV DVD)

Business or Leisure? said...

Garfield From Behind (His First Male on Male)