Dec 21, 2007


That pigeon is missing a foot

it's hard to muster sympathy
wings covered in city grime
hobbling with an open mouth
but exclaiming saying nothing

but what if
it was a curvaceous woman
or a comic-store employee
or a loquacious cab driver
or a bouncer at a night club

or a clerk at a local record store
the ones that have what I want
even if he or she gimped about as
a hobbledehoy giving me this same
look like please just acknowledge
and then I can let you continue

I can't guarantee that I would have
anything to offer this pigeon no matter
the scenario no matter the human form
I watch but can't seem to separate self
from glazed-eyed self while walking
that pigeon cannot squawk or walk

That pigeon will die miserable and alone

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Michael5000 said...

There's never a good time to ask this, but: Which is my "whiskeyhole"?

Business or Leisure? said...

The butterfly I
Saw drift back to the branch was
like a falling leaf

Michael5000 said...