Jan 14, 2008

A Conversation, Part VII

Paul: yo
me: supster
Paul: not shit
wish i was at home
painting for the snat man
me: you could paint beautiful birds with long gyrating wings
Paul: thats right
me: They could smoke cigars with pointed ends
They could fly above smoldering villages
Paul: bad news jarf
we don't have money to feed you or take you to the jarf vet
me: They could caress Snat with gentle fluttering.
Paul: snat man says we gotta put you in a sack and throw you in the river
i'm sorry ol jarf
you were a good jarf
its either that or snat man says jerry's gonna take you out back and fill you with birdshot
me: They could peck at my visage and leave me faceless forevermore
Mingling amongst the rubble, pieces of my face could bandy about with the rocks until I am disintegrated then as much as I am disinterested now.
Paul: snopy make me heheh


garfield the spic aka big tyme timmy aka swole gansta aka delerious santa aka wo-wo aka remy pons said...

snopy make me hoooooold up

snopy make me haaaaaaaay now

snopy make me eeeeeeeee

snopy make me sssssssssslam it

snopy make me o-no

snopy make me heave it

snopy make me hapy

snopy make me rage

snopy make me so cold

snopy make me wiggit

snopy make me poo low

snopy make me crayzay

snopy make me quaaludes

snopy make me pants down

snopy make me rone it

snopy make me eek scream

snopy me

Business or Leisure? said...

you misspelled snoopy