Feb 10, 2008

A Chilling Vision of Things to Come

Me, circa 2029. Note that the book I am reading is Charles Dickens. That may be the final time that sentence is ever written.

I was an old white writer with a beard for a day at work, and now, I am a young white writer with a beard at my other work. In either event, I haven't been posting or writing enough. I apologize to my five readers, two lurkers and my one Argentinian stumbler who keeps hitting from the Google phrase, Large asses; may your quest be fulfilling, friend.

Can't guarantee a change in the writing schedule until I shake off the cobwebs of the latest depression and the stupid weather allows me to play basketball to clear my head again. Until then, internet friends.


Michael5000 said...

Fair 'nuf. Good luck with the cobwebs.

patches said...

you know they said alton benes was inspired by richard yates in seinfeld but i was watching it last night on tbs and the guy who played susan ross' father actually bore an incredible resemblence to him why didn't they use him instead i hope the casting director got f

Business or Leisure? said...

They got these big chewy pretzels