Mar 16, 2008

Quittin Time

I woke up with an open beer in my hand. I was in the Bronx. 138th Street, Grand Concourse. Why was I in the Bronx? Good question. Let's start over, shall we?

I got nothing but people telling me they weren't going to the party. Over and over. "Staying home. Sorry, man." Call my father. God, how he talks.

Late in the game now, have a whiskey drink. Final round of texts. Damn, what time is it? Decide to go. Wait, you're going now? I'm still in my apartment. Shit. Why didn't you tell me you were actually going? Ah, hell. Leave for the party. Know no one except my friend JT. Nothing to talk about, drink the free booze. Someone hands around shots. Talking about sports. Shot. Fill glass. There is beer. Drink the beer. Go to the roof. Text message: need some paranoid narratives in short story form. Text back Poe, Kafka, early Moravia.

Another pair of shots. Loud rap music. Women staring. Why did I wear a tie? Ugh. Dying. It's 12:40, too much to drink. Ow, brains. Back to the roof. Talk to a girl about something. Not worthwhile. Mumble something about life being a series of disappointments. No idea what that means. Note: book in pocket is George Seferis poetry. Do not lose.


Wake up in the train with an open beer in my hand. In the Bronx. Not good. A woman staring at me nodded her head. I was no condition to argue. I'd've shook my head too. Maybe I did. I leap off of the train only to find out I need to go further into the Bronx to catch a train the opposite way due to construction.

Fast forward: I ride trains for awhile and then wake up at Ditmars-- gotta walk back three stops to my apartment. I decide to call for a cheeseburger. I tell the man I'm not home, but not to worry about it. I'll be home soon. He needn't worry. He didn't seem to. I told him we'd talk soon.

Maybe we will. Until then, the Lions march inside my head and the vomitbirds have arrived. All is unwell, once again.


G said...

SHOUT OUT. Yo. Glad to see you're well enough to have posted and edited for grammar.

Can I get a b00t b00t?

Business or Leisure? said...

Let's not make fun of the grammar. Your precious Jaff almost died. I think my drinking alone days are numbered.

Also, yes, yes you can.

Michael5000 said...

Did you capitalize "Lions" to lend emphasis to the savannah great cats, or to indicate the Detroit Lions? You have to admit, it makes a big difference in how the image works....

{tepid predictable advice about drinking in moderation here}

Business or Leisure? said...

I capitalized Lions because Lions are fucking sweet. Get your shit together.

Michael5000 said...

Sorry man. I'm working on it.