Mar 31, 2008

Want (part one of many)

I finally cooked the pork chops
that sat in the freezer for so long.

I'd wanted them so badly
while hungry in the grocer.

I knew I had no time to eat them,
but my want outweighed my sense.

I marinated them in molasses and smothered
them in orange peels to enhance my want.

I made corn and peas, prepared butternut squash
and washed romaine leaves to accompany my want.

As I cooked them, I wanted them as
exceedingly as I wanted the wine.

As they cooked, the smoke spread;
covered the walls with my want.

The smoke clogged the drains
and my pores with my want.

The smoke welled a few
tears of want into my eyes.

I consumed them, but they did
not satiate nor enhance my want.

I fell asleep in the belly of want while
clawing; ravenous with so much want.

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