Apr 12, 2008

Bird Bridled

Light diving about like birds over wheat fields
Write driving doubt like words over sheets' feel
Fight depression bouts like herds of sweet veal
Spite-divining routs like absurd retreat; surreal
Smite, darling-- pouts like referrals/completed deals
Kite darting, shouts likely unfurl or conceal
Slight definition crouches like myrrh entreated or revealed

This week has been both outstanding and outlandish and I have nothing to add to anything; forever. But seriously. This shit hits. So, here's a list, instead of complaints about, you know, stuff.

Lions are cool animals at which to look.
Cold soda being dumped into the ground must taste like marmalade to the Earth.
The birds of time are writhing next to us with their wings clipped.
Biographical information only makes us want.
x=decilcious (tacos being x, of course)
Damien Jurado will destroy us all.
I'm dying, my hands are clasped, failurebirds

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