Apr 13, 2008


Write-in votes I would consider putting in over Obama, Hillary or McCain (simply for humor value).

Mr. Burgers (D)
Marist Walter Wellermeyer, Esq. (R)
Wandy Sterwing (B)*
Henry Bagels (I)
French's Yellow Mustard (D)
Saddam Hussein (D)
Hurricane Chris (a bay bay)
Paul (R)
Devin the Dude (R)
M. Thomas Tacos (D)
Bruce Springsteen (D)
Any One of the Cats from the Picture Accompanying My Previous Post (R)
Gus Johnson (I)
Dr. Mr. Pickles, the Mildly Retarded Horse (R)
Frank Norris (N)**
Glen "Big Baby" Davis (I)

*B=Black, only gets vote if America agrees not to assassinate him, because he is my friend.
**N=Naturalist, of course.


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paul said...

fuck jarf my side really hurts

Business or Leisure? said...

Shiftybird. I forgot shiftybird.

Michael5000 said...

Colonel Mustard (R)
James Earl Jones playing Colin Powell (R)
Anyone from the Norse Pantheon (Ind)
Flipper (D)