May 27, 2008

Tall Orders

There were turnways upon turnways an
d giant carrots bellowing the grandest of
songs--creme du menthe in vestibules, r
estaurants, filled, used wrecked ship par
ts lining their walls-- customers red che
eks illuminated them all while we scatte
red complimentary food along the floors.

Motion is supreme. Motion is supreme.
We would shout that at all the stand-still
lockjaws and pigeons clicking about on th
e sidewalks-- "A fine and charismatic cal
vary doth walk these shores captains!" A
fine time to cradle the crevasse of the sea
and so we swam until our muscles crampt.

We were the leaders of the free-world, th
e lovers of emotion, the chilling end to a so
ciety filled with suited buffoons and the on
es foolish enough to believe in the grandue
r of love and I did love you at some point, b
ut not then and then not ever oh ever again
, oh not ever again did I love you, oh never.


TID Staff said...

hi jarf this is your palubat just leaving you a message hope you're having fun in swanaaks we're all fine here the weather is very nice MAYES says hello he is working at news 19 over on skepons anyways i thought i would let you know about a few things first off memet called she says she doesn't have your new number and she just got back from israel i told her you would call her when you got back she said she misses you i didn't tell her about puppet because i didn't want her to get mad and start yellin at me like that time we all went picnicking at lake mowmna ok so what else oh yeah i got us two tickets to THE RANDYMAN for the night you get back its black tie so you'll have to wear something snazzy it's like three hours of sax solo but it gets real jazzy so that will be fun hmm what else ok sharkey is still in prison in charlotte i think she is allowed visitors though snat man sends his love he is working at dubeos in the oejmans district its delicious i think thats about it we're going to go to the park now for some fireworks get home safe i have to stop the message before the machine cuts m

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