May 2, 2008


I have to learn how to be a poet by tomorrow. I am reading poems in public at the Outpost Lounge Reading Series-- 1410 Fulton Street (between Classon and Grand in Brooklyn) at 8 PM, Friday, May 2nd. Feel free to hurl potatoes and run from the released white-backed wolves as they intend to maul me before I allow any more stilted shithole words to escape my ultra-bearded mouth.

Yes, they serve beer.

SMOKING UPDATE: Cigarettes are gross, dude.


DTM Staff said...

that dog wants cookies
please give the dog the cookies
the dog will eat them

G said...
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G said...

Instead of listening to you read poetry, I got kicked out of the library. Booted like so much trash. But today I go back for more. More like a drug like a train that's begun to wreck and we're just waiting for the caboose to catch up to the engine and BOOM. Birthday library with a big red fucking bow on it like a cherry. And mama's anxious and hungry.

Found out that I know someone who is on Saturday Night Live. Made me jealous/depressed for several hours. I may have missed my calling. Fiddle dee dee, Rhett.

And give the dog some fucking cookies already.

Business or Leisure? said...

The dog will have no cookies. It is not my choice. I LOVE THE DOG BUT IT ISN'T S'POSED TO HAIVE SHUGGER.

G-- hello.


Commment Deleted-- WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN M

The poetry went OK. Just OK.