Jun 1, 2008


And so the tacos settled in their sun-lit valley to find that the grubs had eaten all of their corn and the tacos needed their corn so they destroyed the grub colony but erected statues to help ease their guilt for the lost grub colonies and this delighted the tacos and they rejoiced-- LO HOW THE TACOS REJOICED.

The truck settled its engine after use, the owner now inside eating delicious tacos his wife had made, and the truck smiled-- in a way, because, really, the truck could not have the muscles to really smile, but if you anthropomorphize a bit, you can see how the grills of certain trucks can fool you into thinking they can smile-- when it thought of its master enjoying a ride and then tacos and then a few beers; can we all be as happy?

The taco struggled to lose weight on the days prior to the bout so that he could weigh in under the lightweight 135-pound limit but prophetically, the taco wrote the message "live or die" on his Las Vegas hotel lamp shade only days before the bout (the taco wrote "live or die" but a mistaken translation led to "kill or be killed" being reported in the media)-- the taco even had a mini-coffin brought to his hotel room.

Narrow guises got the taco from state to state but living on the lam would eventually catch up to him-- his need to communicate was too great: whores, barkeeps, cabbies, loose women-- and he ended back in jail after being caught on skid row with the blood of another taco on his hands.

What giveth the taco its weight shan't perish upon the shoulders of the damned.

Perhaps the taco should have considered his options: the smoke around the building half-covered an already slender moon, his hand clutched a gasoline can half-heartedly, his heart beating at half its normal rate.

It was a pleasure to have you over and I am sorry about the tacos, I usually never overcook anything I was just nervous I guess, but you wanna hang out this weekend-- I don't think I have to work, though I am not really sure-- God, those tacos should have been better, I swear I can s

EDIT: Alternate Translation.

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