Aug 7, 2008

There is a certain verbosity to this man in a sharkskin suit and he is wearing a button on his lapel denigrating the government for conspiracy involvement. So he looks at me and he says to me he says I was three things in my former life one I was a lover of all meats and cheeses two a lover of all women-- shapes and sizes; colors no matter and three and finally three I was alive during the greatest of all times that being the beginnings of it all.

I replied, earnestly and with my hands wringing from the cold, ah yes I've been expecting a grandiose knave recently I am always happy to placate the minds morose and mad; can't handle the melancholic you see because I always relate the ideals to my own life-- a different set of experiences and god oh god I've lived so little in this, the time of pointless theses and drying rivers and did you say y

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