Oct 5, 2008

Good Afternoon, Boredom-- a Casual Q and A

If I were a magical 8-ball.

Will I ever be happy, Dwight Evans?
Dwight Evans thanks you for your letter. He is currently at the dealership-- Evans' Ford Nissan Toyota-- please try back later.

Can a man with soft spots possibly act hard?
This is a tough one. I'd say the easiest way to attract attention is to wear a dung-colored seersucker suit and scream at passers-by.

Will the real Young Dro please stand up?
Oh, Dro. Willst thine brilliance ever cease? NAY, I SAYETH, NAY!

If a shark refuses to swim, how does a remora survive?
Chilln, son. Having a cold Orange Mervis, laid back without a care in the world.

Gime psuanos.

Where oh where did my little dog go?
Miss, I need you to check that bag. IMMEDIATELY.

Is Ken Griffey Jr. worth the risk next year?
You are a hop, skip and a jump away from the immortal truth of the damned.

Can I borrow a feeling?
Lend me a hand with your glove of love.

I'm leaving the country soon. Any tips on staying safe?
Corral the men, it is time for BATTLE!


G said...


G said...

Rather, no.

Business or Leisure? said...

Well, which is it, already?