Oct 11, 2008

Here's the thing:
I am going to vote.
I am going to vote for Barack Obama.
I am a democrat, in a way.

More so, though, I am aware of how politicians play the game. McCain is losing. Bad. BAD. Still, he can't let people he despises (and YES, he despises his own party line) badmouth a guy doing the same thing he is doing. He knows the rules. Yeah, his people are running negative ads. Yes, he is an assface. Yes, nothing good can come of him at this point.

Still, at this point, his biggest crime is putting his party ahead of his own ideals-- i.e. deciding a relative unknown that rallied his party line was better than a candidate that hates his philosophy. That's the mistake-- listening to a party that hates its people, its voters and everyone else. After the election, I hope McCain will go back to being one of the hardest working senators in history. I hope. Otherwise, he will have sold his soul to the devil and quit before he got a chance to defend himself for the good he's done in his years of public service.

Listen, Obama is the right choice. I hate McCain for what he has become. Hate. HATE. This video, though, remembers me to the McCain that I voted for over Bush (North Carolina-- better to register Republican to make a difference in the primaries). Just saying, guys. Just saying.


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