Dec 19, 2008


I'll bet anything that you were a walrus and you made suits out of eel skin and you found your love in a handbag or maybe a gladrag or maybe you left three ounces of cocaine in a rucksack in new england and you let me touch a hot stove to teach me a lesson and you made thirteen different calls to thirteen different countries and knew every one of the people you called and you sabotaged my only chance at love and you left a message on my machine after I disconnected it in 2005 to buy a cellphone and you made the most wonderful comments about me at parties when I was just out of earshot and listened to him speak when he was at his best and knew the oldest way to spark a fire in an eagle's belly and courted the finest of men in the middle ages and you slipped behind a bird's nest and robbed the eggs and you flaunted your looks to lonely, sloppy beagles and faulted the refs for that last call and called me on my birthday but hung up when it went straight to voicemail or maybe you were at my party but goddamnit I been drunj for five years maybe six and I got nothing left for you or anyone else sometimes, you were made of the expectorate rising from my breath in cold weather-- rising just above my head but disappearing just as you crested from visibility and man oh man winter is my favorite month of the year


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Michael5000 said...

Not me, man.

Business or Leisure? said...

someone get me some advil wouldja