Dec 3, 2008

The Legend of Sample Hannah

READING POETRY TOMORROW, you should come: 1014 Fulton Street between Classon and Grand in Clinton Hill Brooklyn. 8PM.

Now, on to the post:

Things Sample Hannah did at the Pig Farm:
-- Got reheeeeeal piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig
-- Tried to make out with Ryan D. (ew)
-- Puked on a wall
-- Got drunj on Mezcal Tequila after "bogarting" a "joint"
-- Found God
-- Got God drunj
-- Made out with God (ew)
-- Proclaimed the Monkees a "band for fartmouths"
--Made more hilariously true observations
-- Recited "The Night Before Christmas" with a lewd twist at the end
-- Made out with self (ew)
-- Kicked over a table
-- Chokeslammed Ryan D.
-- Stopped a train with her teeth
-- Stole a bottle of Guava Nectar and broke over my head (ow)
-- Fell asleep on the train and spit in my face when I tried to wake her up at my stop
-- Took the train back to the Pig Farm where she now resides forever (I assume, and ew)

I guess it is safe to say Sample Hannah had a good time at the Pig Farm. Tuesdays are the best, man.

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Oh boy. That sounds pretty much like what I figured would happen. Cheers!