Jan 14, 2009

R.I.P. Lately, I've Been Thinking, the Fish.

Never again shall her bright orange fins flash about my person.
Never again shall she swim me to sleep.
Never again shall shimmy toward her food-- delight creasing on the corners of her hook-free mouth.
Never again shall I introduce her to the partygoersw to have them in awe of her brilliance.
Never again shall she stare intently at my bed awaiting my first stirrings of the day.
Never again shall I worry Paul with her feedings while I am on vacation.
Never again shall she love me.
Never again shall I love another like I loved her.
Never again.

Goodbye Lately. Gone, but ne'er forgotten. I will miss you terribly. Three years of delight, but
Never Again.



Michael5000 said...

My condolensces.

Business or Leisure? said...

she was a good fish