May 15, 2009

A Conversation: Part scoby OH GOD NO

Paul: SNOPY make me heh heh
scoby make me ha-ho
Paul: scoby
scoby bleeding in the alley... if only he'd listened to his gut instinct. never trust a filipino
me: scoby fallin in love with a half-breed bitch, but maintainin a coupla cracked out bitches on the side. just got a tattoo with the words GET MONEY on his chest
Paul: scoby sippin lean out a plastic cup on a park bench on 12th street, shit his whole crew is famous
me: scoby and perhaps the most talented secondary in the country lead what should be a ferocious defense
Paul: scoby heavy southbound through the interchange with i-5, expect delays heading both directions
me: scoby finding out that his is capable of love-- even if it is with a woman twice his age
Paul: scoby on holiday in thailand, improving his fuck skills, one village at a time
wHY am i so lazy
i should be working
me: scoby pondering the importance of his life, a glass of single-malt scotch perspiring over his clenched handPaul: scoby meeting his worst nightmare, right there in the grocery store, right against his brown furry fucking face
me: scoby earnestly trying earnestly to make the grades, but failing-- his mother and father are completely at a loss with what to do with their mildly retarded son
Paul: scoby home from college. a crisp fall day and ma is making her apple pie. the smell permeates the house as he tosses down his laundry bag. it's good to be hom--OH GOD THE CATS
me: scoby takes in a play with his new girlfriend, but he can't get that K'rean girl from the fourth floor out of his mind. His boner quietly walks out of the theater to have a quick smoke
Paul: i've had that happen before
boner detaches and flies off out over the hudson
me: it's a good feeling


Michael5000 said...

Scoby can't face telling his wife that he's been fired, so every day he dresses up in his best white collar, leaves the house at 7:15, and picks up a bottle of something from the liquor store before catching the same old train as always, except now he just rides all day, taking tugs at the bottle whenever, doesn't really give a shit who sees him, until it's 6:15 and he can go home and bitch about how the work piles up this time of year. Except on the third week, he gets hauled in by animal control and busted out to the pound.

Business or Leisure? said...

scoby funy