May 15, 2009

a conversation part snarpl

me: snopy driving down the coastline way too fast, his lovely wife leaning her head on his shoulder as the wind whips through the convertible, tousling their hair
Paul: knowing its just a matter of time before the authorities find his mistress' crumpled body at the foot of laurel canyon
snopy at the garden party, mingling, watching the sky, wishing it would rain as the banker from connecticut explains interest rates, thinking back to when he buttfucked sally after the yale game freshman yearme: snopy telling old army stories, his daughter rolling her eyes at the table; she's heard this one three million times already.
Paul: snopy stuck in traffic, late for his son's little league game. she's gonna use this against him, but these things are never his fault. or are they?
me: snopy having a glass of mondavi private reserve chard, commenting on how it taste like the sweat off of swine's back. He knocks back a bottle anyway, and curses the day he met Joel Cruz.
Paul: snopy getting petted by david ortiz, wagging his tail as manny barfs up an entire domino's pasta bread bowl on the jumbotron in slow motionme: snopy standing in front of the palace counsel guards, slicking his hair back with spit, whispering, "Be brave olde lad... be brave." His chains are rattling with the same erratic beating of his racing heart.
Paul: i would like to continue this conversation at a later time
unfortunately i must leave you now

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