May 1, 2009

A Conversation part snorpy

: snopy bathed in stadium lights
relishing the moment
me: snopy being cordial at his wife's retirement party
Paul: making small talk
me: having a respectable martini or three
getting a little redfaced
nothing crazy
Paul: snopy doing coke in the company bathroom
seizing the dizzying high
me: snopy high as a fuck truck two rappers got stuck that night but not saying any names and thanking then for the change
Paul: outdoor event new years eve cali weed sticky snopy
me: snopy ain't changed but his limp

snopy crawling along the ground afraid that any of his motions could trigger a mine in this dark-cold earth but pressing on to safety-- searching for the chopper leading to his freedom
Paul: snopy feasting on maggots, hoping the sos beacon in his radio works, searching the sky for any sign of passing hueys, watching as the giant dong glides west towards ho chi minh cityme: snopy courting a young woman whom he has no idea will have cancer four years later while bearing his first childPaul: snopy cursing the falling snow outside munich municipal hospital
me: snopy praying that there is a god as the man approaches, dressed in light purple velvet and clutching a bunny with protruding knives
me: snopy talking to the munitions expert, in hushed tones, about his sex-romping days nestled in his bungalow. It was 1975, Havana.
Paul: snopy eating from his supper dish as charlie brown hangs from the noose
me: snopy burying the gun under dirt and rocks near the abandoned lot; he's really done it this time.

snopy masturbating furiously and, as he finishes, saying,"I love you, I really do, you feel so good" to no one
Paul: lunchtime

me: snopy grazing on his salad, unaware that the sword of Damocles shines in refracted light just above his cantaloupe-like skull
Paul: snopy enjoying a nice light brunch alone in the nob hill diner after a night of exhausting anonymous sex
me: snopy admiring a portraiture of former sen Al D'Amato in the smoking lounge of his country club
Paul: snopy wiping the blood off the front bumper of his mercedes s550 and methodically dragging the mexican man's corpse into the nearby tall grass

snopy clutches the pillow tightly around his head, trying with all his might to drown out the sounds of his granddaughters orgasms coming from the cellar below
i have lost my motherfucking mind
how am i supposed to be a productive member of society
me: snopy grinding out the beat knowing that this one could launch his career
Paul: snopy lost in the trance music at his first and last rave
gotta run
me: snopy enjoying a delightful glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice the moment before his aunt goes into labor


Michael5000 said...

Ha! Ha! That crazy beagle cracks me up.

Business or Leisure? said...

He's unconventional, to be sure.