Jun 20, 2009

Classic Jerff

Proof positive that I've been crazy for years. I'm rereading old letters and stumbled upon this gem I wrote to a lady in 2005.

Trouble is an understandable contingent of the southwest. Listening
in on people's doorway conversations: [redacted]'s good times and invites
are noted. Perishable goods are foolish, and henceforth, shall we
dance to the most macabre of ceiling insects? Inherently, I give to
you my only advice:

I procured sex with a woman I don't really like. Such is life.

Which of yr faboo friends is willing to give me a higher paying job?!
I'll sail the letter sea if necessary::I've made mistakes as I'm
willing to speak with you long enough to procure sex with you::My
current job is wearing thin.

Chez chic; support yr local cat calls.

Best part? She responded. No idea what happened after that, friends.

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