Jun 17, 2009

New Ideas For Old Living #1

Thousands of prisoners
in chains
after the revolt
on their knees
outside their cells

Lori Loughlin
Thy will be done


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Anonymous said...

let's have a conversation about jacques pepin, i believe he is losing his masterful touch. he appears to be cutting poop up on a carving board. apparently it is dried prunes. he burned the burgers and then had the audacity to wrap raw chunks of meat and orange peel in strips of cucumber and present it to the camera, hand trembling. he did make a wonderful looking corn souffle though, wobbly in the center like a babby belly. i can't tell if the windows in these food shows are real or is this all on some set. i know on the screaming silver banshee's show it's real because i saw a dog come through the patio door, slow motion, leaping towards me. cooking omelettes in the dark.

its never going to stop raining is it.

i only take sharffen berger chocolate in my hot water, i find it gloriously repulsive to the common man, which is why i insist on it. i believe all these pbs cooking shows were made in the mid 1990s which looking back on it was truly the most wonderful time to be alive. we had little boxes you could wear on your belt that buzzed when someone wanted to talk to you, then you go to a pay telephone and call the person and have a conversation. we really believed the future was here to stay.

jarf are you listening to me, we're trying to have a conversation.

if i don't get out of this room i am going to completely lose my m

Business or Leisure? said...

to the max brah